[Zope] commit problems psycopg

Richard Harley richard at scholarpack.com
Mon Aug 23 12:24:12 EDT 2010

  We have had a problem with postgresql 8.3 on a Windows server 2008. I
  wonder whether there has been any other experiences like this. We have
  connected to Potsgres from Zope via a Psycopg adapter and noticed that
  sometimes when data is inserted via a form in Zope, the data is
  available in Zope but doesn't get committed to the database. This has
  come to a head over the weekend where at least one month's worth of data
  has disappeared and this includes changes to the actual database
  structure - luckily only on a testing machine, but concerning nevertheless.
  The data seemed to disappear after we upgraded to the most recent
  version of Zpsycopg2 database adapter, previously we were using version
  1 (I know it's old, we are only testing after all) and have never had
  these sorts of problem before. It's almost as if all the data and
  changes to the db were held in memory, and Postgres continued to work
  fine from there, but when the db adapter was changed and Zope restarted
  everything was cleared from memory.
  Has anyone had similar experiences or can anyone cast any light on where
  the problem may lie. To us it seems the db adapter is the most likely
  candidate but we can't understand how this could happen, explanations
  also welcome. Have posted this to psycopg list too.

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