[Zope] commit problems psycopg

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Mon Aug 23 16:17:15 EDT 2010

Most likely you have raise conditions that you don't notice but that
the ZPsycopg2 adapter notices. Perhaps it's a ConflictError or a
Either start committing the data yourself (transaction.get().commit()
will commit in Postgres too)
You can also debug your problems by keeping a close eye on the SQL
logs. You'll need to enable it somewhere in the postgres conf. On
linux you can look for a line like "log_statement = 'all'"

On 23 August 2010 12:24, Richard Harley <richard at scholarpack.com> wrote:
>  We have had a problem with postgresql 8.3 on a Windows server 2008. I
>  wonder whether there has been any other experiences like this. We have
>  connected to Potsgres from Zope via a Psycopg adapter and noticed that
>  sometimes when data is inserted via a form in Zope, the data is
>  available in Zope but doesn't get committed to the database. This has
>  come to a head over the weekend where at least one month's worth of data
>  has disappeared and this includes changes to the actual database
>  structure - luckily only on a testing machine, but concerning nevertheless.
>  The data seemed to disappear after we upgraded to the most recent
>  version of Zpsycopg2 database adapter, previously we were using version
>  1 (I know it's old, we are only testing after all) and have never had
>  these sorts of problem before. It's almost as if all the data and
>  changes to the db were held in memory, and Postgres continued to work
>  fine from there, but when the db adapter was changed and Zope restarted
>  everything was cleared from memory.
>  Has anyone had similar experiences or can anyone cast any light on where
>  the problem may lie. To us it seems the db adapter is the most likely
>  candidate but we can't understand how this could happen, explanations
>  also welcome. Have posted this to psycopg list too.
> Thanks
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