[Zope] zope changes : dtml-var

Allen Schmidt Sr. aschmidt at fredericksburg.com
Mon Feb 15 17:44:50 EST 2010

...but why wouldn't the dtml version also work as he has it below? I 
have hundreds of form uses just like that....and we have never used the 
entity syntax.


On 2/15/2010 5:17 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Martin Krallinger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> it seems that there some of the options in zope had been changed. I have
>> been looking
>> in the documentation but did not find any explanation on what I am
>> trying to do, which
>> results in a formatting error message in new zope version, but worked
>> fine in the older one.
>> I have an input form, to which I provided a dtml-var as value,something
>> like:
>> <td>
>> <input name="_valuename" size="20" value="<dtml-var person_name>">
>> </td>
>> How can I provide as value now the variable<dtml-var person_name>  ? It
>> seems that
>> there are substantial changes here. I
> You want to use the "entity" syntax for attributes:
>    <input name="_valuename" size="20" value="&dtml-person_name;" />
> Note that 'person_name' must be available to the template, either in the
> request or as an attribute of the "context" of the template.
> Tres.

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