[Zope] japanese encoding

Aaron Maupin maupin at pastrytech.com
Fri Feb 26 14:27:23 EST 2010

Hi guys,

I'm having trouble installing and using the japanese codecs (from
http://www.python.jp/pub/JapaneseCodecs )with Zope on a shared host.  I
just can't seem to get the encodings available for the python used by
the Zope install.

Or, that is, I have installed the codecs and can 'import japanese' but
whenever I try something like the following in a Python script:

import japanese  #works

print japanese
#<module 'japanese' from
#however there's nothing in
/home/USERNAME/webapps/zope/zinstance/parts/instance/lib/python/ except
a README.txt saying this directory will hold additional installed
packages... should there be something here?

text = 'blah blah'  #okay
text = unicode(text, 'utf-8')  #okay
text = text.encode('japanese.iso-2022-jp')  #fails with lookuperror

LookupError: unknown encoding: japanese.iso-2022-jp

This error also happens in an External Method.

I have previously installed these codecs on an older version of Zope
(Zope-2.7.0) (old-style instance) and Python (2.3.4) on a dedicated
server, but am at a loss as to how to go about it with a Zope buildout
on a shared host (Zope 2.10.9 on Python 2.4.3).

The guys at Webfaction are also at a loss, and suggested I ask here.
Anyone have any ideas?


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