[Zope] Opening Old .zexp Files

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Sun Mar 14 15:41:58 EDT 2010

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Susan Day wrote:

> I have inherited some very old *.zexp files that I can't open in a Zope
> instance. Apparently they were built on 2.10 or even older. The problem
> appears to be that there were all sorts of products packed into the Products
> folder that crash everything and I don't know which ones are needed. How do
> I begin to dig into this mess?

Note that the export / import support is specifically limited in scope:
 it is only designed to support moving content between instances with
"identical" software configurations (including Zope version, add-on
Products, etc.)  It happens to work, sometimes, to import a .zexp from a
slightly different configuration, but there are no guarantees.

It sounds as though the .zexp files you are trying to import contain
objects whose classes are defined in add-on products which you do not
have installed.  Debugging that problem is likely to be a
trial-and-error process, identifying each product (preferrably with the
same version as used in the original instance).

Depending on your needs, it might be advisable to outsource the problem
to somebody in the community having experience with the particular
products used by the old instance.

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