[Zope] __bobo_traverse__ or similiar with python tales expression?

Sebastian Tänzer st at taenzer.me
Sun Jul 12 23:30:17 CEST 2015

As I’m still experimenting with this maybe someone here could answer that one:

I have PythonScripts or PageTemplates inside a folderish container in the tree:

- folder1
— object1
— folder2
—— script1
—— script2
—— template1

I’d like object1 to acquire script1, script2 and template1 from folder2 as if they were attributes/methods of object1, though they’re not.

I’ve played around with modifying __of__ and tried some stuff with __getattr__ and __getattribute__, but no success so far.

A simple 

    def __of__(self, parent):
      """ ... """
      return self.__of__(self.folder2)

in the class of object1 is not working as it always returns "The object at root.folder2 has an empty or missing docstring. Objects must have a docstring to be published.“

the object1 class definitely has a docstring.

Any hints how to achieve what I’m trying? Wrong approach?

Best, Sebastian

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> Von: Sebastian Tänzer <st at taenzer.me>
> Betreff: __bobo_traverse__ or similiar with python tales expression?
> Datum: 11. Juli 2015 19:53:29 MESZ
> An: zope at zope.org
> Hello fellow Zopees,
> the product we’re using (ZMS) allows methods as attributes to custom object models. These methodes (PythonScript) are created inside a metamanager container as „Wiki.mymethod“, where Wiki is the meta type of the custom object.
> The pathhandler method of these custom objects modifies __bobo_traversal__ for normal http requests and maps these non-existing methods in that context to existing methods in the metaobj_manager container using the context meta_id.
> Calling the same method from a PageTemplate or other PythonScript does not reflect that and - not surprisingly - returns an AttributeError:
> File "/opt/python/zope2-pip/lib/python2.7/site-packages/Products/PageTemplates/ZRPythonExpr.py", line 
> 48, in __call__
>    return eval(self._code, vars, {})
>  File "PythonExpr", line 1, in <expression>
> AttributeError: dummyFunction
> Is there a way to modify traversal behaviour from the Product or somehow different?
> Best
> Sebastian

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