[zope2-tracker] [Bug 142148] Re: DateTime default timezone wrong in some locations

Chris Hamono 142148 at bugs.launchpad.net
Tue Nov 9 20:48:02 EST 2010


This problem has been a long running Issue. With the help of Dixond on
the plone irc chat we have resolved the issue that was effecting us in
Adelaide Australia.

None of the other fixes noted elsewhere worked

The issue stems form both CST and EST being hard coded into the datetime

I do not know why that was done, perhaps the attached patch may break
some installs but for us it meant we now get the correct date being
reported when we use plone

with the patch installed our installation now reports the correct time.
I havent checked other timezones and we are currently in DST. I haven't
yet checked normal time.

We did not require the addition of the TZ environment variable as noted
elsewhere. It did not work anyway.


** Patch added: "DateTime.py and datetime/__init__.py patch for Australian CST and EST timezones"

DateTime default timezone wrong in some locations
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