[Zope3-dev] Re: Proposal: Move ISite to zope.location was: ISite misplaced in zope.app.component.interfaces

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed Aug 15 10:31:31 EDT 2007

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Michael Howitz wrote:
> Hi,
> after thinking the problem over at gocept we came to the following  
> suggestion:
> - A site is a place which gives acces to a component registry.
> - ISite isn't a good name for the concept behind it, because it is  
> connected too tight to a website and on having hierarchical  
> structures (at least in the code).
> - In long term a more abstract concept for ISite could be added.

It is a "place", in the classic Zope2 sense, as implied by "placeful" /
"placeless":  a location-specificpolicy configuration point, which can
acquire further policy configuration from "above".

In Zope2, nearly every persistent object is a "place", at least for
purposes of configuring security.

> - In short term, for cleaning up dependencies, I propose to move  
> ISite to zope.location, because it is the only package outside of of  
> zope.app.* which uses ISite and defindes a method to get the nearest  
> site. We think this is the right place because ISite is about  
> component registries in the context of location.


> - zope.app.component.interfaces then can import ISite from the new  
> place to avoid deprectation.


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