[Zope3-dev] Re: SVN: zope.location/trunk/setup.py using pypi as homepage instead of svn.zope.org

Philipp von Weitershausen philipp at weitershausen.de
Sat Aug 18 17:03:50 EDT 2007

Some notes on the release process here:

* Please also don't forget to add a changelog entry in README.txt, 
especially if you're adding features. If there's no README.txt yet, this 
is a good time to give it one. It should start out with a simple 
paragraph and have at least one section called "Changes". You could then 
use its contents as the long_description in setup.py. Other packages 
(e.g. zope.proxy or zope.publisher) can serve as examples.

* I see that zope.location 3.4.0b1 is out as several "continuous 
releases". This model sucks, IMO. I think it's time to tg 3.4.0b1 and 
push it out as a release, not only to download.zope.org but also to the 
CheeseShop (which is much more usable with ppix now, so I less and less 
see the need for download.zope.org).

Whenever I've come across a package that I've worked on in the past few 
weeks, I've done the things I described above. I know it takes you a 
couple of minutes, but those are well-invested, I think (packages will 
appear as a decent release with at least some kind of decent front page 
on the CheeseShop, and the changelog is properly taken care of).

Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
> Log message for revision 78904:
>   using pypi as homepage instead of svn.zope.org
> Changed:
>   U   zope.location/trunk/setup.py
> -=-
> Modified: zope.location/trunk/setup.py
> ===================================================================
> --- zope.location/trunk/setup.py	2007-08-17 12:06:10 UTC (rev 78903)
> +++ zope.location/trunk/setup.py	2007-08-17 12:11:43 UTC (rev 78904)
> @@ -22,9 +22,9 @@
>  setup(name='zope.location',
>        version = '3.4.0b1',
> -      url='http://svn.zope.org/zope.location',
> +      url='http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.location/',
>        license='ZPL 2.1',
> -      description='Zope Proxies',
> +      description='Zope Location',
>        author='Zope Corporation and Contributors',
>        author_email='zope3-dev at zope.org',
>        long_description="In Zope3, location are special objects"

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