[Zope3-dev] Zope 3 Training for Plone Developers - Oct. 8-9 in Naples, Italy

Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Tue Aug 21 21:53:59 EDT 2007

Want to learn more about using Zope 3 technology in Plone? Now's
your chance to get hands-on instruction from one of the leading Zope 3
gurus in the Plone community: Rocky Burt.

We are pleased to announce "Zope 3 Training for Plone Developers"
a comprehensive 2-day training course offered Oct. 7-8 in Naples, Italy
immediately preceding the Plone Conference 2007.

This course is specifically targeted at the developer
already familiar with Plone and Archetypes who now wants to leverage
Zope 3 component architecture in their Plone products.

More info:

October 8-9, 2007

City of Science
Naples, Italy

Rocky Burt is a recognized leader in the Plone community, having been
elected to the Plone framework team, contributed to the popular book
"Web Component Development with Zope 3", developer of many Plone
products and author of the Plone4Artists suite of products. Rocky is
an expert in using Zope 3 technologies in Plone, and has given various
conference/sprint talks on this subject including a three hour tutorial
at the last Plone Conference in Seattle.

"The training has better addressed our needs than any other that has
been offered.  The key element that made it useful to us is that it
addressed Zope 3 technologies in relation to Plone. An area where good
documentation and tutorials are scarce to non-existent. The training
session is so practical and relevant to those trying to bridge the gap
from the Zope 2 world to Zope 3 and Plone 3."
 -Brent Lambert, Center for Open Sustainable Learning, Utah State University

The preferred class size is 10-15, so we encourage you to sign up now
to reserve your spot. Please see the training page for the cost and to register.

Knowledge of Plone and experience developing Plone products with
Archetypes. Python programming skills.

Everything you need to know about developing Plone products the "Zope
3 way", using adapters, view classes and interfaces. See the training
page for the full agenda of topics covered.

A laptop computer to follow along with this hands-on class.

If you are from a non-profit organization or educational institution,
there are discounts available to make the training more affordable.

Please contact training at jazkarta.com if you have any questions about
the training.


Nate Aune - natea at jazkarta.com
Plone solutions, consulting and development

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