[Zope3-dev] We should be able to stop unhiding PyPI releases.

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Wed Aug 22 10:32:18 EDT 2007

As of Monday's zc.buildout release, buildout now uses the simple  
package index:


by default.  (You can cause it to use another index by setting the  
buildout index option.)

This change should provide significantly better performance and will  
make it easier to use historical releases, because the simple  
interfaces shows releases that have been hidden from the human  

Normally, when new releases are registered with PyPI, old releases  
are hidden.  This has been a problem for buildouts or application  
packages that fix package versions, because hidden releases weren't  
visible to setuptools.  To get around this, we had to unhide old  
releases, which was a pain.  The simple package index shows all  
releases, including hidden ones.  Now that buildout uses the simple  
index by default, hidden packages should no longer be a problem, at  
least for buildout users.  People using easy_install can configure it  
to use the simple index.  They might want to lobby to have  
easy_install use the simple index by default.

If there are no strong objections, I plan to stop unhiding old releases.


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