AW: [Zope3-dev] Re: SVN: zope.location/trunk/s - moved IPossibleSite and ISite from to zope.location

Roger Ineichen dev at
Wed Aug 22 12:00:49 EDT 2007


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> This is an interesting move. I can settle with the idea, but 
> I wonder this was discussed... Last time I remember we were 
> discussing the idea of a package a la or 
> zope.componentsite... (Also, as long as we're moving things, 
> I wouldn't mind renaming ISite to IComponentSite).


Renaming doesn't make sense to me since in every book and 
documentation ISite is used. I'm against every beautification
which has no benefit. 

IPossibleSite --> ISite makes perfect sense to me.
IPossibleSite --> IComponentSite doesnt make sense to me.
IPossibleComponentSite --> IComponentSite is worth to comment on.

Roger Ineichen

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