[Zope3-dev] __repr__ of ValidationErrors in zope.schema

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Fri Aug 24 09:10:32 EDT 2007

Am Freitag, den 24.08.2007, 09:05 -0400 schrieb Stephan Richter:
> On Friday 24 August 2007 04:00, Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
> > What should we do about this?
> Well, I personally think for a programming API the error message is okay. The 
> __repr__ could be better though, I agree.
> For forms and other UI components, this text should be at most used for a 
> default. z3c.form allows you to easily customize those error messages, for 
> example.

As long as this doesn't mean that we don't provide reasonable values in
the first place and force pretty much everybody to easily customize ...

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