AW: [Zope3-dev] skin support for xmlrpc

Roger Ineichen dev at
Mon Aug 27 23:05:30 EDT 2007

Hi all

> Cc: Christian Zagrodnick
> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-dev] skin support for xmlrpc
> On Monday 27 August 2007 16:11, Christian Theune wrote:
> > 1. We revert the change.
> >
> > 2. We create a new traverser with a different namespace that 
> > implements
> >   our intended behaviour.
> >
> > Two options after that:
> >
> > 3a. We supply this traverser by default, or
> >
> > 3b. We ship it in a separate package.
> +1 with option 3b. BTW, you should have a look at 
> z3c.traverser, which 
> +allows
> you to not use namespaces at all anymore.

eek, I don't like to think about that. 

No, no, no... just wait, Christian is defently right to 
add layer for XML-RPC views.

Are you all sure you understand the need of a layer in every
kind of request? It's about permission registration and not

Since the skin directive is gone layer also support the 
skinning concept. But the main reason of layers is still
offering a security namespace.

In short

"skin support in xmlrpc" --> No
"layer support in xmlrpc" --> Yes it's a security issue!

Layers allow us to use different security registrations
for the same view in different projects. 

seccurity issue

Let's say you have a app offering a XML-RPC server
shutdown view. You whould do the following:

1. regsiter a public and a private skin 
2. register the XML-RPC view to the layer used by the private skin
3. Run Zope at port 8080 blocked form outside by firewall
4. Use Apache rewrite rules and point to the public and private skin
    e.g. and
5. Use a rewrite rule and point to the private skin restricting
   access to a internal network or some IP addresses.

How whould you restrict access from the public skin to the XML-RPC 
view without layer support used in step 2?

Hm, nobody seeing this let me think that I'm wrong.
But I'm pretty sure that I'm right. or not?

Roger Ineichen

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