3.4 egg stabilization TODO List (was: [Zope3-dev] Zope 3.4 Release Date?)

Christian Theune ct at gocept.com
Wed Aug 29 04:13:29 EDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 29.08.2007, 13:04 +0530 schrieb Baiju M:
> Is that TODO list available online somewhere?

It's now: http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/StabilizeEggPackages

> I think I can spend sometime for this in this week.
> I am starting with zope.annotation , for zope.annotation
> the next release is marked as b1 in setup.py .  So I wonder,
> should we make a b1 release or a final release ?
> This is the case for some other packages also.

I think the eggs received quite some real world testing already and
staging them each trough the whole b1,b2,rc phase is gonna be overkill
for us to manage in one big effort (remember there are almost 200 of

> Is there any easy way to find bugs related to a particular package
> in launchpad.

Unfortunately not. We're trying to figure that out. Searching for
appropriate terms and looking at bugs that have a critical or high
priority should be enough.


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