[Zope3-Users] Accessing adapter methods from zpt

James Allwyn jamesallwyn at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 17 04:46:17 EDT 2005


When I started getting into adapters recently I
discovered that you can't (easily) access adapters
directly from ZPT. You will need to create a python
view class as an intermediate step.

Where you use a "context" statement to access
properties of an object in ZPT, e.g.:

<div class="field" tal:content="context/description"

you use a "view" statement to get at the methods of
the Python View Class, e.g.:

<div class="field" tal:content="view/rating" />

You use the ZCML to wire up the ZPT to the Python,

      menu="zmi_views" title="View"/>

Where python file is the file the viewclass is in,
usually in the same browser folder, and ViewClass is
the name of a class defined within that file.

The ViewClass itself can do whatever logic you want to
prepare data for the ZPT, but if it's just grabbing
adapted methods and re-presenting them, it'll be
something like this:

from wherever import IAdapter

class ViewClass:

    def __init__ (self, context, request):
        self.context = context
        self.request = request

        self.adaptation = IAdapter(context)

    def method(self):
        """Get the adapted doodle from the adapter"""
        adapted = self.adaptation.adaptermeth()
        return adapted

Where "adaptermeth" is the method defined in your
adapter, and "IAdapter" is the name of your adapter.
You probably won't want to reference it as
self.adaptation - call if something more meaningful -
self.myimagefunction, or whatever.

You will need to def a method for each adapted method
you want to grab from adapters and pass to the ZPT.

If you have more than one adapter you want to access
from a given ZPT you need to make sure you import them
all, and use a different "self.adapterdesc =" in the
__init__, and you can then call each from the methods
of the view class.

Hope that helps,

--- Michael van Slingerland <z3uml at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've made an adapter on the image content type and
> built a new view on the
> IImage interface. But what I can't find anywhere is
> how to access methods
> defined in the adapter from ZPT?
> Anyone knows howto do this?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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