[Zope3-Users] Still problems with partialAnnotationsAdapter

Florian Lindner mailinglists at xgm.de
Fri Aug 19 10:07:43 EDT 2005

I'm still having problems with the partialAnnotationsAdapter.
Refer to my posting:

Subject: [Zope3-Users] Problems with PartialAnnotationsAdapter
From: Florian Lindner <mailinglists at xgm.de>
To: zope3-users at zope.org
Date: 25.07.2005 15:14



I've created a minimalistic (2,7 KB unzipped size) content type that 
demonstrates the problem.
It is uploaded at http://xgm.de/partial.tar.gz.

I would really appreciate it, if someone might have a look at it. I've tested 
with the newest SVN version (from 2 hours ago) and I've also created a new 
plain instance for it. The described error still persists.

Another thing that puzzles me, is that altough I've defined a schema field 
"description" the addform is empty.
As soon as I've entered a object id and clicked "Add" the error comes up. I've 
the item was added to the root folder I'm unable to get into the ZMI without 
deleting the files in instance/var. (which is not a problem for me)



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