[Zope3-Users] are aliases for content objects possible?

Stefan Rank e9725431 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Wed Aug 24 10:17:35 EDT 2005


My basic question is:
Is there a description/tutorial about the "object name lookup process"
(i.e. the process that is used to get to the object you can access with
the url scheme:host/path/name) that you could point me to, and is this
the same that a catalog uses to index its objects.

because I'm afraid my meagre search voodoo did not get me one...

My actual question is:
Is it possible to have one content object in Zope3 have two or more
names that are equivalent?

Equivalent meaning you should be able to access it with
scheme:host/path/name1 and scheme:host/path/name2 without any
differences, and it should be in the catalog as only one object
(although an index of the title should then find for two different

The main idea is to give an object several aliases.
I would like to avoid having empty proxy-objects that fill the folder.
The object itself would know about its different names and a
presentation view could choose, e.g., the shortest one when used in a
list or as an html page title, and the others would be displayed below.

am I completely crazy? (well, specifically regarding this question I mean)


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