[Zope3-Users] are aliases for content objects possible?

Stéphane Brunet stbru at teksavvy.com
Wed Aug 24 10:32:09 EDT 2005

Stefan Rank wrote:

> The main idea is to give an object several aliases.
> I would like to avoid having empty proxy-objects that fill the folder.
> The object itself would know about its different names and a
> presentation view could choose, e.g., the shortest one when used in a
> list or as an html page title, and the others would be displayed below.
I am not sure if I quite understand what you want to do but... Creating 
custom views which changes the presentation would probably do the job, 
without need to create aliases. You can select the view you want by 
adding "/@@name_of_view" after the object in the url.


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