[Zope3-Users] Re: are aliases for content objects possible?

Derrick Hudson dman at dman13.dyndns.org
Fri Aug 26 09:47:29 EDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 08:31:26AM +0200, Stefan Rank wrote:
| on 24.08.2005 16:32 Stéphane Brunet said the following:
| >Stefan Rank wrote:
| >>
| >>The main idea is to give an object several aliases.
| >>I would like to avoid having empty proxy-objects that fill the folder.
| >>The object itself would know about its different names and a
| >>presentation view could choose, e.g., the shortest one when used in a
| >>list or as an html page title, and the others would be displayed below.
| >>
| >I am not sure if I quite understand what you want to do but... Creating 
| >custom views which changes the presentation would probably do the job, 
| >without need to create aliases. You can select the view you want by 
| >adding "/@@name_of_view" after the object in the url.
| >
| I don't think that would do it. The views would not provide two 
| equivalent names for one object. And I actually do not want to have two 
| different presentations, only two equivalent names.
| From my first mail::
|   'Equivalent' meaning you should be able to access it with
|   scheme:host/path/name1 and scheme:host/path/name2 without any
|   differences, and it should be in the catalog as only one object
| A practical example: A text that describes a book.
| I want to link to it as
|  - http:/host/TheBookAboutLifeTheUniverseAndEverything
|  - and http:/host/HinzKunzETAL2004

I would take a look at schoolbell, if I were you, and see how they do
it.  Schoolbell is a calendar application.  A calendar contains
events.  The calendar can be viewed by day, week, or month eg
http://localhost/calendar/2005-08-26 or
http://localhost/calendar/2005-w31.  The same events are shown in the
different views, but the event is a single object.

I think you want to create your own container type to hold your
objects.  This container's __getitem__ can do whatever you want in
order to find the book, in the example above, when asked for either


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