[Zope3-Users] Re: Anyone doing an ORM for Zope3?

Florent Guillaume fg at nuxeo.com
Wed Dec 7 19:28:54 EST 2005

Jeff Rush wrote:
> Just wondering if anyone is currently or planning to produce any kind of 
> ORM for Zope 3?
> I'm representing some rows of SQL data as Zope 3 objects and find I need 
> some kind of minimal layer.  While I can issue SQL requests easily, in 
> Zope3 when receiving, validating and storing an add/edit form, Zope3 
> wants to write to my object attributes one at a time.  I tried hooking 
> setattr and issuing UPDATEs for each attribute but its (a) slow and (b) 
> some combinations violate my table constraints.
> What I need is something that accumulates the setattr operations and 
> hooks into the Zope3 transaction mechanism.  Then when the commit 
> occurs, turn those into one multi-column UPDATE operation per object 
> modified.  Something like a Persistence mix-in for SQL-backed data.
> Or is there another approach people are using for RDB objects?

CPS 3.5.0 (the coding of which will start in January) will have an ORM 
mapper optimized for CPS. It will be plugged into SQL at the ZODB 
storage level, in the same way that APE or Hornet do it. It will be 
quite flexible because we'll also deal with binaries stored on the 
filesystem, Lucene indexing, and more :)

Ok ok, you can call that vaporware for now ;) but it's a very important 
project for us.


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