[Zope3-Users] Re: What's the rationale of @@ ? Was: index.html

Wade Leftwich wade at leftwich.us
Thu Dec 15 10:29:18 EST 2005

Chris Withers wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> This isn't really URL parsing, it's traversal.  It's easy to plug in
>> different traversal adapters.
> Are there any examples of this or docs?
> Chris - sorry if I'm missing something obvious :-S

I am also very interested in learning about this. I have several Zope2
applications that use traverse_subpath in Python scripts to put pretty
urls on records retrieved from MySQL, like this:


... which returns record # 6060842 from the MySql `listings` table. The
"RockLobster.html" part is ignored by the app -- it's a decoration that
is supposed to boost Google page rank.

I would like to start doing these things in Z3. I have spent some time
looking through the source and the API docs, but the easy way is not
obvious to me either.

-- Wade Leftwich
Ithaca, NY

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