[Zope3-Users] Re: browser:page and zope.formlib to replace browser:addform?

TAHARA Yusei yusei at domen.cx
Sun Dec 18 10:13:32 EST 2005


At Sun, 18 Dec 2005 18:40:52 +0530,
baiju m wrote:
> > Also how to use templates along with zope.formlib forms?
> Hmm.. any help pointer?

You can use zope.formlib.namedtemplate for form's template.

By default, zope.formlib.form.default_page_template and pageform.pt is
used in forms.

So you can replace it to your own namedtemplate, simply like this::

  class CompaniesView(form.AddForm):

      form_fields = form.Fields(ICompany)

      template = namedtemplate.NamedTemplate('company')

      def create(self, data):
          company = Company()
          company.name = data['name']
          company.description = data['description']
          return company

  company_page_template = namedtemplate.NamedTemplateImplementation(

and configuration::

  <adapter factory=".company_page_template" name="company" />


  <form action="." tal:attributes="action request/URL">
  <div tal:repeat="widget view/widgets"
       tal:content="structure widget">
  <input tal:repeat="action view/actions"
         tal:replace="structure action/render"

Best regards,

Tahara Yusei
yusei at domen.cx

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