[Zope3-Users] Which packages to remove from etc/package-includes

Douglas Douglas replaceafill at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 25 06:51:48 EST 2005

Hi everybody.

I know a similar question was already post here:

But I didn't understood well Stephan's answer (sorry!). I think I'm looking for
a solution like Garrett's (though it wasn't specific).

I'm just wondering which *-configure.zcml or *-meta.zcml files can be removed
from the etc/package-includes dir of an instance in order to get running the
"minimum" Zope3 but in a stable way.

For example, I know my application won't be using any sql related stuff, so I
think is possible to remove the sqlscript-configure.zcml file. I believe the
less *-configure.zcml and *-meta.zcml files are in this directory the faster
Zope3 loads, right?

But if I remove every file except the apidoc related, then Zope3 won't even
start because it complains about preference-*.zcml files. I got Zope3 running
again testing and reading error messages (just like Garrett suggests), but I
think this way could be dangerous in case I miss something important.

Is this issue important or there's no real difference in how many packages get
included on start?


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