[Zope3-Users] documentation on Field types

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org
Fri Nov 4 00:07:39 EST 2005

Where should I look for documentation on Field types?  By this, I mean
a current, exhaustive list of allowed Field types and their arguments.

I suspect when I go to the API documentation and enter zope.schema I'm
getting the values, with some translation.  But since those entries
are in terms of interfaces and not the actual names to use (e.g.,
IText, not Text), I'd like to know more about how they relate.

The "Programming with Zope 3" Tutorial and Richter's Developer's
Handbook both discuss and list various options, but they have several
* they aren't current
* they aren't exhaustive
* they aren't in the online help system.

I'm looking for something that meets those requirements.

The online book, in the entry Interfaces and Schemas | Schema Fields,
begins "This document highlights unusual and subtle aspects of various
fields and field classes, and is not intended to be a general
introduction to schema fields. Please see README.txt for a more
general introduction."

I suggest changing this two ways.  First, the "Schema Fields" section
should appear after "Schemas."  Second, the reference should be
changed from "README.txt" (which is non-unique and wasn't even present
in my Debian distro) to "Schemas".  "Schemas" appears to be the same
as the README.txt that I eventually found in the source tree.

As far as I can tell, no section of the Book in the online help has
anything near a complete discussion of the allowed field types.

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