[Zope3-Users] Complex Adapter Requirements - Named Adapters?

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Sat Nov 12 08:19:13 EST 2005

On Sunday 30 October 2005 14:16, James Allwyn wrote:
> One thought I had, was creating an interface IStandard, with
> attributes like "meetsstandard" and "nameofstandard", and then
> subclass this, e.g. to IAccreditationScheme and INationalCode (where
> "Accreditation Scheme" and "National Code" are the names of two of the
> standards). But I get a little stuck conceptually at the point where I
> try to handle, for example, the fact that for some ISharedHouse
> objects, IAccreditationScheme would be suitable, whilst for others it
> wouldn't, because of their location. In fact it's likely that in the
> future we will need to recognise two or more standards for a
> particular accommodation type (so IAccreditationScheme and IHouseCheck
> chould both apply to ISharedHouse objects, in differect areas).

This is not such a complex case as you think.

If you register an adapter from ISharedHouse to IAccreditationScheme then it 
will be only available for this interface and not for IAccommodation in 
general. I would even write a specific IAccreditationScheme for every scheme 
you support; thus you do not even need named adapters.

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