[Zope3-Users] Recommended policy for extension of the built-in skins and macros?

Alec Munro alecmunro at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 11:40:55 EST 2005

Hi All,

I've managed to dip my toes rather deeply in Zope3 without ever
approaching the skins/layers aspect of it. I'm finally in a position
to do that, and most of the examples I find extend the Rotterdam skin,
and simply override it's macros.
Is this simply for convenience, as there is a lot of useful
functionality provided by these macros? Or is there some grander
reason for using the existing with simple customizations?
The main thing I could think of was that by doing this, you will can
generally ensure consistent macro naming across different sites, which
I suppose is helpful.
I'm a very minimalist guy as far as HTML goes, so my initial
inclination is generally to start with with the simplest thing
possible, and expand it when necessary.
What are people's experiences with this (keeping in mind that I am
likely misunderstanding some large part of the way skins and layers
are supposed to work :) ?


Alec Munro

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