[Zope3-Users] Zope3 broke when renaming folder

Tom Dossis td at yoma.com.au
Wed Nov 16 18:35:49 EST 2005

John Smith wrote:
> Dear Zope users,
> Does anyone have a map as to where Zope3 stores its
> data inside the ZODB?
> the application data is in
> <ZODB>.root()['Application'] and I can see my folders
> there.
> But what about the registration processes: is there
> some mapping somewhere inside the ZODB that I can edit
> to get my zope to restart?
> What happened was I renamed a folder and zope3 had an
> error. Renaming the folder to its previous value in
> ZODB does not seem to have any effect, and the system
> refuses to let me do anything: undo, delete etc. At
> this point, my only option, is to delete  Data.fs and
> start again, but this seems a bit nuclear, for what
> must surely be a bit of ZODB editing, if I but knew
> where to look.

Hi John,
You seem to be accessing the zodb directly.
Have you already tried via zope3?
Just in case you haven't look at 'Accessing objects (without the 
debugger)' in doc/DEBUG.txt

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