[Zope3-Users] Re: list archives for zope3-users

Michael Haubenwallner michael at d2m.at
Wed Nov 30 14:07:37 EST 2005

Brad Allen wrote:

> I'm looking for a better way to search and read the list archives for 
> this list.  Here are the list archives that I know about.
> Text file archives:
> http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-users
> Searchable mail archive:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/zope3-users@zope.org/
> Gmane provides a variety of ways to view the list, but the search 
> options are still pretty limited.
> http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.zope3.user
> I wish there was some way to access mailing list archives via a POP3 
> interface, so that I could use my mail app of choice. In my case, Eudora 
> is my favorite app for searching and viewing mailing lists. 
> Unfortunately, I've only got a couple of months of Zope3-users in 
> Eudora.  I haven't found that the text file archives to be easily 
> importable.
> Does anyone else on this list use Eudora? If so, I'd very much 
> appreciate a copy of your Eudora mailbox file for the Zope3 users list.
> If anyone else has thoughts on the best way to search the mailing list 
> archives, I'd appreciate hearing about it. I'd prefer to avoid asking 
> questions that others have already asked.

You can use
for a start and refine the query with your searchterm



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