[Zope3-Users] state of pure Zope 3 CMSs?

Andreas Reuleaux reuleaux at web.de
Sat Aug 5 17:28:51 EDT 2006

I wonder what is that state of pure Zope 3 CMSs? - Cubic and z3ecm
come to mind, see below.

I am aware that sytems like *Plone* offer everything you can imagine
for serious CMS development. But being based on Zope 2 (and just
slowly moving towards Zope 3 by means of Five) they also carry a lot
of baggage with them:

* Say you want to develop a Plone product based on Zope 3 (Five): 
  You effectively have to master Zope 2, Plone and Zope 3.
* On my debian system (after installation of plone-site)
  du -h /var/lib/zope2.8/instance/plone-site/Products/
  gives me: 19M - that's a lot.

Many portals start out as some small projects and might not need all
the fancy stuff. Being small in code and therefore easily manageble
might be more important. Besides: if they where solely based on Zope
3, adding more stuff to them should be easier anyway (by means of
adapters e. g.).

Cubic and z3ecm come to my mind - are there more?


I was able to check it out into my zope 3 (svn trunk) tree with

  svn co http://svn.amazesolutions.com/zope3/cubic/trunk cubic

And after replacing some MessageIdFactory occurences with
MessageFactory I was able to run it, but actually adding
a Cubic portal resulted in an error:

  File "/home/reuleaux/z3/src/zope/app/keyreference/persistent.py", line 41, in __init__
    raise zope.app.keyreference.interfaces.NotYet(object)

The former home page


doesn't exist any more. I didn't find a mailing list.
Was it ever meant to be usable for some small portal sites.
Or was it just a toy project, some experiment?


I am aware that this is an ambitious joint effort
of Nuxeo and Infrae to create the infrastructure of 
a next generation CMS.

But looking at the web site
I could find some fancy video animations, but
no tutorial/introduction/readme.txt/install.txt
how to install and how to procede next.

Well the About page (http://www.z3lab.org/sections/about) gives an
excuse ("...So don't expect to find here anything usable from a user
point of view...") and I saw that in the last entry on the mailing list
archive http://lists.nuxeo.com/pipermail/z3lab/2006-August/000991.html
someone is asking the same question: "Can someone help get me to a
point where I can play with z3ecm?"

On the same About-page they welcome everybody to work on the project
- Honestly, my interest in a project that I cannot even install
is not very high.

I might even misunderstand z3ecm altogether: Will there
ever be a CMS based on zope3 and z3ecm only. Or will it for
years to come just be a bridge techique:
  Zope2 + Five(Zope 3) + Z3ecm + Silva/CPS?
Well I guess I should ask this on the z3ecm mailing list.
- but I thought the idea of having a pure Zope 3 CMS
was of general interest.


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