[Zope3-Users] Re: zope3's TAL & ZPT reference

Michele Amori michele.amori at sestante.net
Wed Aug 9 03:59:33 EDT 2006

Hi Philipp, I've just ordered your book and I'll have it soon. I absolutely 
need a good Z3 book to fill my newbie's gap. Thank you for your support, 
But I have another (and more important) question to you, Philipp: I need a CMS 
for my Z3. I must have it soon. I'm going to create several websites in my 
company, and I can't imagine to manage them without a CMS. Then I'm just 
starting to search for a CMS suitable for Z3, but I'm failing. 
Can you suggest me a good way to resolve this problem....or I must quit Z3 and 
get into Z2 technologies (Plone, Five) ?


Alle 00:25, mercoledì 09 agosto 2006, Philipp von Weitershausen ha scritto:
> Michele Amori wrote:
> > I wrote this statements in a zpt page (with zope 3.2):
> >
> > tal:content="here/title"
> > tal:content="container/title"
> > tal:content="template/title"
> > tal:content="context/title"
> >
> > but no one of that seems to work. Zope returns an error. So Zope2.7's
> > documentation is not useful for z3 developers.
> You're confusing a TAL reference with a Zope 2 API reference. The above
> examples obviously require the Zope 2 API (which wants all objects to
> have a 'title' attribute) which doesn't apply to Zope 3. It still
> demonstrates TAL.
> My book documents Page Templates (TAL/TALES/METAL): http://worldcookery.com
> Philipp

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