[Zope3-Users] Re: zalchemy integration

Jürgen Kartnaller juergen at kartnaller.at
Sat Aug 12 03:03:07 EDT 2006

Hello Carlo.

The implementation of the container is more or less a demonstation on 
how to use sqlalchemy object together with a zope container.
To request an object for a zope container a name is used. In the case of 
sqlalchemy objects a generalization. This generalization make it 
possible to use any database table for the container. To have a unique 
name of the objects for the container I use the primary key.

This container implementation is (as you already noticed) not in use 
because all use cases we had until now use more special integrations.


Carlo Cardelli wrote:
> David Pratt wrote:
>> Hi Carlo.
>> As a workaround to get objects into the db you can comment out the 
>> following lines in checkName like this:
>>     def checkName(self, name, container):
>>         if isinstance(name, str):
>>             name = unicode(name)
>>         elif not isinstance(name, unicode):
>>             raise TypeError("Invalid name type", type(name))
>>         #unproxied = removeSecurityProxy(container)
>>         #if not name.startswith(unproxied._class.__name__+'.'):
>>         #  raise UserError("Invalid name for SQLAlchemy object")
>>         return True
> I actually worked around it as following:
> <code>
>     unproxied = removeSecurityProxy(container)
> ->      if not ISQLAlchemyContainer.providedBy(unproxied):
> ->          return NameChooser.checkName(self, name, container)
>         if not name.startswith(unproxied._class.__name__ + '.'):
>             raise UserError("Invalid name for SQLAlchemy object")
> </code>
> even if the 'else' case seems unused: i.e., this method is not called 
> while adding a SQLAlchemyContainer.
> Once skipped this, the process halted while adding the 'blank' object to 
> the db: in zope.app.container.browser.adding, in the method add(), the 
> following lines failed:
> <code>
>         container[name] = content
>         ... one ininfluent-for-this-problem line ...
>         return container[name]
> </code>
> Here, the last line failed because the SQLAlchemyContainer completely 
> disregards the "name" attribute (as specified in container.txt), so 
> retrieving data using the same name is not possible.
> Maybe I could spend some time in it, but this "basic" problem leads me 
> to some doubt about the state of the zalchemy package and its 
> integration with Zope3.
> In the mailing list archives I found some discussion about ORM problems 
> (2-phase commit, thread support and so on) but nothing specific about 
> zalchemy, and (as far as I can see) no "definite" solution on the 
> sqlalchemy integration.
> Could someone tell the current state-of-the-art about this, or his/her 
> experience about integrating sqlalchemy in other ways?
> Thank you in advance.
> Carlo Cardelli.

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