[Zope3-Users] zalchemy integration

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Sat Aug 12 10:40:04 EDT 2006

Hi Jeff. Your approach is very interesting. There is lots room in Zope 
for differences in the way applications are tackled to deliver on 
requirements. My feeling is that explicit object metadata and some of 
the content-management-esque concepts in Zope fit prominently into the 
future of the web.

Zope's interfaces and adapters facilitate benefits that can be derived 
from hybridization with any form of storage. As much as the ZMI may 
hinder, I believe it plays a role in visualizing incremental development 
and utilizing what is already there. Unfortunately, time and budgets are 
also business considerations and this same infrastructure allows for 
some fairly quick development.

It sounds that the ZMI and browser views hasn't been an impediment but a 
distraction to what you describe (since you were able to find a path 
with Zope). This is a demonstration that successful outcomes less 
tightly bound to more traditional zope development can be achieved also. 
:-)  Many thanks.


Jeff Shell wrote:

> So yes, it is possible to have good SQLAlchemy integration. But
> 'integration' may mean different things to different people. Some may
> want invisible or near invisible integration with conventional Zope
> content-management-esque concepts, integration with the ZMI, the
> dublin core, etc. That's overkill for my needs, which is why I've
> stayed away from those implementations. Having Location, Security,
> Adapter binding (which yields views and URL traversal) is just about
> what we need. The rest we provide through our own business logic as
> Views, Utilities, and plain old Python classes and functions. And only
> one new ZCML directive (yay!).

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