[Zope3-Users] NTLM and Active Directory based authentication for Zope 3

thealx at poczta.onet.pl thealx at poczta.onet.pl
Thu Aug 17 03:33:10 EDT 2006


I need to setup single sign on for Zope 3. My Zope 3.2 is running stand alone on Windows server. 
I'd like to authenticate users using NTLM against windows domain (Active Directory).

Are there any solutions ready (or in progress) for such purpose? It is crucial feature to spread Zope apps in intranets. 
I already found 3 folders "ldapauth", "ldappas" and "ldapadapter", but I'm not sure if any of this LDAP-based solutions is able to authenticate against Active Directory and if they are Zope-3 or Zope-2 solutions... 

Could you help me to find a proper way to achieve the goal?

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