[Zope3-Users] Strange package-include behaviour

Marc Rijken marc at rijken.org
Sun Aug 20 19:43:27 EDT 2006

I saw I was not very clear. With import I means <include 
package=".browser"/> in ZCML. That will not work correctly, with the two 
options below (rename browser subpackage or import browser in package) 
to let it function right. Very strang, isn't it?


Marc Rijken schreef:
> Hi all,
> When I try to import a browser subpackage in a package, a browser 
> subpackage of another package will be included. If I rename the first 
> browser subpackage to i.e. 'browsers', it works oke. Also, if I import 
> the browser subpackage in the __init__.py, it works oke. For me, this is 
> very strange. Does one of you guys have an idea of the reason behind this??
> Best regards,
> Marc
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