[Zope3-Users] z3c - be or not to be

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Fri Aug 25 12:27:23 EDT 2006

Hi to all Zope3 Visionairs ;-) 

CC: to some of the z3c namespace chooser which are 
to busy to answer, flying back to Boston or are at 
holiday this week ;-)

Yes, I didn't do much for Zope3 core the last couple month,
except publishing to z3c. But as on of the initiator of 
z3c I need to give a statement before it turns me crazy.

I only speak for myself here, but I guess the rest of the 
active z3c developer, package user team can agree on the 

I (we) will *NOT* rename the z3c namspace. We never told 
that z3c is the *ONLY* namespace for z3 community. Let's 
see the z3c namspace as some usefull packages commited 
from a team of z3 developers they work and share its work. 
I'm sure and hope there is more space for other developer 
teams using it's own namespace.

The reason why;
We really have no time to do this in the next couple of 
month. And the option sombody else doing it is also *NO*
option because we have allready productive projects build
on this libraries and have no time to migrate them for 
nothing. Yes renaming the z3c namspace whould technicaly 
possible, but for me(us) it's just a waist of time right 
now. Could be that I will change my mind in the future
but not in the next couple of months.

Onw of my next task, whould be to update the documentation 
and write more tests, but for sure not to change a namespace.

Renaming sandbox to trunk in some z3c pkgs is one of my 
first steps I will do if I'm finished the next project. 
Or does anybody else take this task?

Roger Ineichen
Projekt01 GmbH

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