[Zope3-Users] Installing Zope3 on Windows

Adam Groszer adamg at fw.hu
Fri Aug 25 14:02:46 EDT 2006

Hello Catonano,

Just uploaded a win32 installer and the pyds.

Friday, August 25, 2006, 5:01:37 PM, you wrote:

c> Hello people,

c> I downloaded the 3.2.1 version from http://zope.org/Products/Zope3 
c> but it has no windows installer.

c> the previous 3.2.o has it.

c> That is, the last version marked as stable has no windows installer, 
c> while the versions marked as developement and the previous stable 
c> versions do have it.

c> The download page says:

c> The version Trunk contains the pyd files necessary to get the trunk 
c> working on win32 without a C compiler. The ZIP files will get marked 
c> with SVN revision number (Unzip into the root of a Zope3 trunk checkout).

c> So I suspect that the versions with no windows installer can work on 
c> windows BUT the readme file explicitly says to use a windows 
c> installer to install Zope, otherwise you must have a supported C 
c> compiler (it's not my case).

c> In a few words: what should I do to make the 3.2.1 version I downloaded work ?

c> I've been playing with Zope 2 and I also made a small job with that 
c> and I liked it.

c> Now I want to see wether I can reach a reasonable setup also with Zope3.

c> Thanks SO much for any help !

c> Bye
c> Catonano

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Best regards,
 Groszer Adam
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