[Zope3-Users] IRelationshipMapper

Pete Taylor baldtrol at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 12:51:09 EDT 2006

Hi all,
The other day I had an interesting idea for managing complex
inter-object relationships in Zope3 in a way I haven't seen done
before.  I threw a blog up about it so I wouldn't forget it when the
idea struck me (things I don't write down, I tend to forget, no matter
how seeming important at the time).

I wasn't going to mention it on the list immediately, because as with
many ideas I get enthused about, after a day or two of thinking, I
realize one of many different things about the idea.  The realizations
regularly include, but are not limited to, a) that it has been done
already, b) that it doesn't solve a problem I'm likely to have more
than once, or c) that it introduces more complexity into a given
system than the original problem space contained.

So, I waited on this one.  And a few weeks later, it still seems like
an interesting idea.

But what I'd like is some commentary and feedback from other people in
the Zope community, especially from anyone who may have pondered (or
solved!) this kind of thing before.

The post is located here:

It is basically a statement of a way to manage non-containment
relationships between ZODB persisted objects in a way that should not
necessitate object-intrusive code.  However, There may be complexities
that I've neglected, or other extant solutions for this same kind of
problem in Zope3 that I'm just unaware of.

Any suggestions, comments, or thoughts on how to improve on this
design would be more than welcome...  I would like to start working on
an implementation of this idea...  I've done something like this on a
smaller scale already, but would be very interested in hearing
thoughts on this before I undertake the larger project.

Thanks all!

"All guilt is relative, loyalty counts, and never let your conscience
be your guide."
  - Lucas Buck, American Gothic

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