[Zope3-Users] PAU newbie: registering a pluggable authenticator

Albertas Agejevas alga at pov.lt
Wed Jul 12 04:45:58 EDT 2006

On Wed, Jul 12, 2006 at 07:57:57AM +0000, eleanor weavers wrote:
> >The pluggable authentication utility is a local utility.  You'll need
> >to go to the site management interface, create and register an
> >instance of PluggableAuthenticationUtility, and then enable your
> >plugin in this utility's configuration page.
> So far I have configured the entirity of the site through zcml, and would 
> like to keep it that
> way if possible. Are there some simple steps I can take to get a PAU 
> registered and configured with the authenticators in zcml?

Well, technically it's not in ZCML, but you can set up the local
utility programmatically by registering a subscriber for some event
(IDataBaseOpenedEvent or IObjectAddedEvent for your content object).
You can find examples of how this is done in
zope.app.appsetup.bootstrap.  Various things like session utilities
and error reporting utilities are created this way.

In SchoolTool there's a separate set of local utility utility
functions :-), see here:


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