[Zope3-Users] testing setup

luis lparrab at gmx.net
Tue Jul 18 18:21:39 EDT 2006


I'm having problems trying to write some tests for my code  so...
can someone tell me (or point me to) how to setup the "infrastructure"
required for running unit -and specially- functional tests?

I've created a 'tests.py' which looks something like this:

def test_suite():
    return unittest.TestSuite((
        DocFileSuite('app.py') # or 'README.txt' or whaterver...
if __name__ == '__main__':

the test.py in the Zope distribution doesn't run my tests because they don't
live inside the zope directory but I can still run them by cd'ing into my
directory and doing "python tests.py"

the problem is that now I'd like to create some "functional tests"
like "creating an object with my AddForm"...

I know there is a testbrowser, and I think I've read of another possibility
to somehow record a human interaction once, and then reply it in the test,
and somewhere I've seen a "TestRequest" as well...so

what is the right way to do this "through-the-web" tests?

right now I'm trying to get the testbrowser to work, but all tests fail
because the server is not running, so how do I tell the "testing framework"
to start the zope server so that the testbrowser can connect to it?

would the testing framework create a new instance with a clean database and
remove it after the tests (or use a memory database), or just use the
normal Data.fs ?

thanks a lot for any help you can give me,


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