[Zope3-Users] zodb data recovery

Jonathan dev101 at magma.ca
Tue Jul 18 19:45:05 EDT 2006

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Subject: [Zope3-Users] zodb data recovery

> Thinking about the ZODB and data recovery...
> Let's say I have two or three sites all running off the same Data.fs
> (through ZEO or otherwise).  Doing nightly backups, being good
> sysadmins, etc.  Now I get a call from a user who says "I don't know
> what happened to the content, but it was there three days ago, i
> swear!"
> So I look through my backups, load a Data.fs up in my python shell,
> and start digging around, and sure enough, there's the data.
> How do I get that data "back" so to speak?  I don't want to restore
> the whole ZODB, that would blow away my other sites data, and any data
> that any other user of that same site had created.  I know that zope3
> doesn't provide any "dump data from this context on down" kind of
> utils, but I was wondering what the standard way to do this was?  I'm
> sure this problem has been run into ;)
> I haven't run into this yet, but I'm in the midst of building a
> site-with-many-subsites scenario, and I worry about these kinds of
> things.  Certainly the "Undo" functionality is great, but it has
> limits...  and in many ways, it's not the immediate "oh, oops, i
> deleted that" kind of data destruction I'm worried about, though
> that's there.  It's more the a-few-weeks-later kind of issue that I'm
> worried about.
> I'd considered opening up a connection to both Data.fs ZODB's,
> establishing the correct context in both, and then repopulating all of
> the data that way.  But anything that keys on ObjectEvent (or any
> other design specific event) thrown during these object creations
> would fail.  And unless we explicitly check for annotations and such,
> I don't know if those would picked up just by moving all content
> objects from a particular location.
> Has anyone else solved this problem, or have suggestions toward
> solving it?  I don't mind writing the scripts to repopulate data from
> a restored zodb should that be necessary, but I don't really think
> that's the right way to go, or at least not on it's own.
> Any thoughts would be extremely welcome!

If you have set up the 'virtual' web sites so that they have their own 
folder 'tree-structure'

  - virtualWebSite1folder
            - virtualWebSite1subfolder...
  - virtualWebSite2folder
            - virtualWebSite2subfolder...
  - virtualWebSite3Folder
            - virtualWebSite3subfolder...

you can export/import a single folder instead of the entire Data.fs.

Another solution is to set up a mount point (ie. a separate xxx.fs file) for 
each folder.



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