[Zope3-Users] Re: Re: testing setup

luis lparrab at gmx.net
Thu Jul 20 18:22:34 EDT 2006


Darryl Cousins wrote:

> Hi Luis,
> You need to run functional tests using the zope testing environment
> which is set up for you when the tests are run with $instance/bin/test
> Functional tests are defined in python file ftests.py or package ftests/
> which you will create in your package.

ok. thanks a lot... it seems to be working at last:

in case someone reads this later (or I forget how I did it.. =)

* you need to run the test with zope's test runner  -> trying to run
the "ftests.py" file directly ala 
  $python ftests.py
will not work

* the test suite must be setup with "FunctionalDocFileSuite" that seems to
be the one responsible for initializing the test-server

*if you are developing outside of the zope tree, you need to pass the path
to the test runner (having it in your PYTHONPATH is not enough )
so, if test.py is the testrunner located in the Zope3 sources, and your
proyect is in on $HOME/src/myapp, you woud do something like this:
$python test.py --all --path=/home/luis/src/myapp -s myapp

cheers. luis

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