[Zope3-Users] searching and relations

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez lgs at sicem.biz
Fri Jul 21 05:52:00 EDT 2006


I've been following recent discussion about relations in Zope. Both 
intrinsic and extrinsic relationships.

For the following question lets assume we have a IClient and an IOrder 
content types and the IOrder schema has a IClient attribute called 'client'.

Reading previous messages to this list I understand that's the best way 
to model this kind of intrinsic relationship between an Order and a Client.

Now the question: using a Catalog, what should I do to answer these kind 
of questions:

  - Give me all orders whose client's name starts with 'John'

  - Give me all orders whose client's age is between 20 and 30

  - Give me all orders for a certain client

I guess I need to use a special kind of FieldIndex for objects but I'm 
new to the Catalog land and I'm pretty much lost.

Any help, examples or pointers to detailed doc are greatly appreciated :-)

Best regards,

Lorenzo Gil

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