[Zope3-Users] Next steps...

Tim Penhey tim at penhey.net
Sat Jul 22 17:30:07 EDT 2006

On Friday 21 July 2006 16:24, Tim Penhey wrote:
> Hi All,
> Going through Philipp's book some more...
> Once the sections get to content types the samples always show:
> >>> from zope.app.debug import Debugger
> >>> debugger = Debugger(db="var/Data.fs",
>               config_file="etc/site.zcml")

> Given that I am writing my code somewhere different than my zope instance,
> how to I extend the default site.zcml to include my stuff?

I'm sure that the debugger does much more, but after a few minutes thinking 
about how to add things it seemed relatively obvious - just not explicitly 
described anywhere.

For the benefit of others:
	- put your development directory in your PYTHONPATH
	- add a <include package="xxx"/> in the site.zcml for your package.
> Next question:
> In chapter 5 (Content Components), the Recipe object ends up using
> FieldProperty to initialise members based on the interfaces schema, however
> in chapter 6 (Persistency) these are dropped and empty unicode strings and
> PersistentLists used instead.  Does this mean that you loose the schema
> checks on assignment now?  Confused :???:

Still interested in an answer for this.


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