[Zope3-Users] Laying out a Site

Gabe Boys gabe at velir.com
Sun Jul 23 17:24:15 EDT 2006

I am setting up a site, and have been reading through a couple of Zope3
books and I just want to make sure I have the right general idea with how to
set up the site visually.  My understanding is the following


1)       I create a skin and in that skin a new layer plus the default and
rotterdam layers.  Then each view I have in the future, I put on the layer
for my skin.

2)       I create a macro that holds the basic markup for all of the pages.
In this macro I have slots for the different parts of the page.  I would
have slots for the title, meta, style in the header.  Then in the rest of
the doc I put slots where dynamic content will be going.  So for example I
would have a main content area, a side bar area and so on.

3)       Once I have all these slots set up then I make templates for the
different content types I have.  So for example in my task there is a
Project that has a bunch of attributes.  I would create template for a user
to view the project.  When the user goes to the template for that Project,
they see the attributes from the Project displayed per how the template is
set up.


Is that the right general idea?  I have recently heard of viewlets also,
does anyone have any experiences good or bad with them?



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