[Zope3-Users] traversing/publishing a simple attribute

Sascha Ottolski sascha.ottolski at lalisio.com
Sat Nov 11 12:34:45 EST 2006


I hope someone has a hint for a very simple task I just am not able to 
resolve: publishing a class attribute to the browser. Pseudo code:

    something = schema.TextLine(title='an attribute')

class MyThing(Contained, Persistent):
    something = FieldProperty(IThing['something'])

<class .MyThing>

In the ZMI, I create an instance of "MyThing" with the name "testhing", 
and put the string "sometext" in the "something" attribute.

Now all I want is being able to visit 
http://localhost:8080/testhing/something, which would simply return the 
string "sometext". I'm wondering if this can be done without writing a 
view, and without making MyThing a Container.

As far as I understand the publishing traverser needs to know how to get 
from the "testhing" object to it's "something" attribute. If I'm right, 
how do I make MyThing traversable?

Of course, the example doesn't make too much sense, but it drives me 
crazy that I seem to be too dumb to solve even this :-( 

May be it's not possible with a TextLine, as for publishing the 
attribute must be callable? In fact I'm trying to get this done with a 
custom MyProperty(FieldProperty) that creates an attribute that is 
callable and that has an index.html view.



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