[Zope3-Users] question about MailDir folder for queuedDelivery on windows

Tom Gross tom at lalisio.com
Fri Nov 17 03:56:14 EST 2006

Hi Shailesh,

    just make sure there are three subdirectories available in the 
directory of your mailqueue:
"cur", "tmp", "new". This is the common maildir format.

see: man 5 maildir

          A directory in /maildir/ format has three subdirectories, all
          on the same filesystem:  *tmp*, *new*, and *cur*.

          Each file in *new* is a newly delivered mail message.  The
          modification time of the file is the delivery date of the
          message.  The message is delivered /without/ an extra UUCP-
          style *From_* line, /without/ any *>From* quoting, and /without/ an
          extra blank line at the end.  The message is normally in RFC
          822 format, starting with a *Return-Path* line and a
          *Delivered-To* line, but it could contain arbitrary binary
          data.  It might not even end with a newline.

          Files in *cur* are just like files in *new*.  The big difference
          is that files in *cur* are no longer new mail:  they have been
          seen by the user's mail-reading program.


Shailesh Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to use mail:queuedDelivery. It says that the
> /...\lib\python\baton\mail_queue is not a Maildir folder/
> I am using Zope on Windows-XP box. How can I setup a Maildir folder?
> With regards,
> -shailesh
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