[Zope3-Users] What is a "locatable" adapter ?

Bernd Dorn zope-mailinglist at mopa.at
Mon Nov 20 14:23:50 EST 2006

On 20.11.2006, at 18:26, Thierry Florac wrote:

> My question is just that without "locate=true" attribute in
> "configure.zcml", I can't make my adapter working and I always get
> "unhautorized" exceptions as soon as I try to modify a property  
> throught
> my adapter, even if the required permission (onf.ManageContent) is
> correctly granted on the adapter context.
> So it seems to work with it, but I'd really like to know why...
> Thanks for any information...

locate means that you have local role and permission grants checked  
depending on the location of the object you adapt, this means if you  
grant a permission via zmi to a principal only located adapters will  

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