[Zope3-Users] Buildout query

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Sat Nov 25 10:07:07 EST 2006

I was looking at buildout again this morning. First of all it seems that 
apps would be easier use cases since you likely have some finished and 
registered eggs. It occurred to me for development, that there are a 
couple of good possibilities though for making good use of buildout.

For a package or two you could check out your local repository packages 
into sandbox and symlink the resources you wish to use to a src folder 
or use the find-links feature to find the packages. The buildout would 
use the src path or directly find the packages to create develop eggs of 
the resource packages.

Alternatively, I could see this being a hassle when you are dealing with 
a few or more packages. In reading the documentation, it seems that 
changes to files in recipes could cause buildout to be more responsive 
to code changes. This makes me believe it might be the best bet for a 
number of checked out packages. So likewise if you've checked out your 
recipes to a certain location, you can offer buildout a path to find these.

I guess the question of omitting packages in zope would come down to 
utilizing a custom recipe and using this to leave out the unwanted 
packages (by only co the packages you want). Adding in the new packages 
would be done by adding another recipe to the part (or incorporating 
this action into the original custom recipe).

I think this could be done fairly easily now by modifying the existing 
zope recipe to take a list, dict or .ini file to provide more 
granularity in what you want to co (instead of getting all of zope3 by 
default). This way, one would only need to add or remove package names 
(depending on how it is set up) in a config file for the generic custom 
zope recipe. You would then just rename the recipe and use it in the 
buildout. I guess we need a customzope.recipe :-) I'll be trying this 
today in any case.

I would be great if someone could advise whether I am on the right 
track. Many thanks.


David Pratt wrote:
> Hi there. I downloaded documentlibrary to experiment a bit. Though I got 
> a traceback on zc.recipe.egg during the process, it is is clear to me 
> the power of buildout - thanks Jim! It also raised a few questions for me:
> 1. For zope3 recipe, how would one omit certain packages from [zope3] 
> part of the buildout
> 2. How could one omit replace a package with a customized version of 
> same stored in a private svn for [data] part
> 3. How can one pull from private svn repository for the [instance] part 
> where you don't have an egg registered with PyPI?
> It strikes me that this is great way to package a finished app, and also 
> try different things out without concern for your system site-packages. 
> But I am of course interested in sandbox scenario just as much or more 
> since I am always working with more that a single package at a time that 
> are in a changing state always. It definitely looks at though I need to 
> improve my egg lingo due to the different ways of describing eggs :-) 
> Many thanks.
> Regards,
> David
> David Pratt wrote:
>> Hi Kapil. Many thanks for your reply. I will be sure to look at this. 
>> Examining a few real applications that make use of buildout should 
>> definitely help make things clearer.
>> Regards,
>> David
>> Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
>>> infrae's documentlibrary looks like a good example of using the 
>>> buildout machinery for a custom application.
>>> -k
>>> On Fri, 24 Nov 2006 13:57:25 -0600, David Pratt 
>>> <fairwinds at eastlink.ca> wrote:
>>>> It is perhaps a bit too early for this discussion. All I can say is 
>>>> that it is getting tougher to keep track of packages and 
>>>> dependencies when you want to mix and match for different instances 
>>>> with packages of different versions coming from private and public 
>>>> repository sources. Given that there are packages I want to remove 
>>>> (packages I don't use), replace (like a custom zodb so that I don't 
>>>> need to change zodb imports all over the place) or add in z3 just 
>>>> adds to the mix. It would be great if someone could paint a clear 
>>>> picture of the best way to deal with this so the packaging is more 
>>>> transparent and less of a distraction for development. Many thanks.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> David
>>>> David Pratt wrote:
>>>>> I am just beginning to look at buildout. I want to be able to 
>>>>> combine my z3 packages with some of z3's, also replacing some of 
>>>>> z3's packages for customized versions of the same package. Is 
>>>>> anyone doing this or similar yet that they might comment on how 
>>>>> useful buildout is on anything more complicated. Many thanks.
>>>>>  Regards,
>>>>> David
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