[Zope3-Users] custom widgets (IDisplayWidget)

Hassan Alirezaei hassan at isi.imi.i.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Sat Nov 25 13:33:06 EST 2006

Hi Frank. Thanks again!
> No widget is called. Problem is, there's no schema information contained in
> "context/homepage". What the template engine does is basically
>  str(context.homepage)
I kinda guessed that from what the browser displays.

Just one last question. if the template just uses str() then what does 
the following zcml do????? it is in the standard zope3 distribution 
under the zope/app/form/browser/configure.zcml  and I didn't notice any 
problem even when i removed it. Is it just some irrelevant piece????


> 'fbi18n:text' might be doing more than you want. If it detects a search
> engine spider, it presents all language version in separate span-tags (incl.
> lang-attributes). 'fbi18n:simpletext' just includes the best matching
> language version.
This sounds really cool. I am really unfamiliar with namespaces though. 
can you please tell me where in fb package (or mpgsite package) you 
define this namespace.

Thanks again for the help,

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